Friday, February 19, 2010

Question - 434

Today's question is courtesy Anand. Identify the three occasions and connect.

Answer: All 0ccasions involve US in a sporting event against a country that the US is in war with (officially or unofficially). The events are the Miracle at Lake Placid in the 1980 winter Olympics, US vs Iran in the 1998 World cup and the recent Twenty20 match between US and Afghanistan. Ajinkya, Arvind and Rajesh got the connect right while many others had the events right. Well done all.


Bharath said...

Miracle on Ice game between US and USSR

North and South Korea facing one another in a football game

US and Afghanistan U-19 cricket world cup

Connect is Sports during war time? (Can't be)

Anonymous said...

Miracle on Ice
Iran v Germany ?
Afghanistan qualifying for ICC 20-20

Connect: Underdog winning?

Unknown said...

Games played during an ongoing war between the respective countries (in which US is one of them??).
Left one is 1982 US vs USSR during the cold war period (miracle on ice).
Bottom right is US vs Afghanistan recently. Not sure of top right (Egypt vs Algeria??)

Kaushik said...

sporting events known as "The Miracle" - US winning Ice Hockey, Afghanistan reaching world T20 etc

Anonymous said...

1.American team celebrating victory over the Soviets in what was then regarded as a nearly impossible feat and is still regarded as one of sport's biggest upsets.3.Afgan cricket team qualify for world cup T20. Connection:Disney film Miracle

Arvind said...

1.miracle on ice.
2.usa vs iran world cup match
3.afghanistan vs usa cricket world cup match

what is the connect? USA was technically involved in wars with these countries while they played them?

rajesh said...

USA vs USSR in the 1980 Winter Olympics, Iran vs USA in the 1998 World cup and USA vs Afghanistan 20-20 qualifiers. Connect: politically charged sports encounters.

Hirak said...

The first is the Miracle on Ice hockey team.
connect:USA teams that won when they were underdogs to vastly superior teams.