Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Question - 58

Today's question is courtesy Raghu. Connect the visuals.

Answer: The girl with the crown of candles is participating in St. Lucia's festival in Sweden. The medallion on the right is the Nobel prize. The connect Raghu had in mind is that the Lucy brides bring Lussekatt to all the Nobel laureates on the morning of the ceremony. Rajesh was the only one to get this. However, Iam, Vikrant+Keshav, Hirak and A new thought all had different legitimate connects as well. Great job all around.


Anonymous said...

The pic on the left is some 'Queen of light' for Saint Lucia day in Sweden (Dec 14)

The right is Nobel prize medal for Phy and Chem

Connect: Saint Lucia Island nation (In caribbean). Has most nobel laureates per population unit (2).

Dec 10: Nobel prize awarded
Dec 14: Nobel Laureates sloshed out celebrating winning the prize

Anonymous said...

This is a girl celebrating St. lucia's day in sweden..... every year the winner for NObel prize for literature selects or gives prize away to the winner of the event.
the medal is the nobel medallion

hirak said...

Connect: Sweden more generally as it shows the Swedish St. Lucia festival and the obverse of the Nobel Medal with Virgil's quote.

Deeper connect:
The date of the medal was obscured, but if it is the Literature medal then the connect would be: Sir Derek Walcott,
the Caribbean poet from St. Lucia and winner of the Nobel prize in Literature

A New Thought said...

The first photo is that of "Lucia".

The second foto is the Nobel Prize medal awarded in Physics and Chemistry.

The connection is Sweden as Lucia is custom followed in Sweden and there is a national competition on Dec 13th where a Nationa Lucia is chosen. The Nobel prize winners on Dec 10th usually go and see this final competition.

Anonymous said...

L: A girl dressed as St.Lucia/Lucy Bride
R: Nobel Prize medal in Physics & Chemistry
Connect: The winner of the Nobel Prize in literature crowns St.Lucia. Also, Lucy brides bring lussekatt and coffee to all laureates on the morning of December 13th.