Monday, September 15, 2008

Question - 57

Connect the two visuals. Apologies about missing yesterday's update.

Answer: The picture on the left is the "Hungarian patriot" - Time person of the year in 1956. The one on the right is the famous "Blood in the water" water polo match between USSR and Hungary played in the backdrop of the Hungarian revolution. There was no love lost between the countries and it reflected in the game. The player with the bloodied face is Ervin Zador. Mekhala, Raghu, Hirak, Divya, Iam, Rajeev, Vj, Rajeshk, Manix, Rajesh, Vikrant and Keshav got it right. Well done.


mekie said...

L: The Hungarian patriot, Time 1956 cover. Representing the Hungarian revolution against the Stalinist- government in Hungary and its USSR-imposed policies.
R: 'Blood in the water' match, a water Polo game between Hungary and USSR at the 1956 Olympics. Hungary players displayed the Free Hungary flag and not the Communist Hungary flag. A Hungarian player was punched by a Soviet player, but Hungary beat USSR by 4-0.

Raghu said...

1956 Hungarian Revolution.

Time "person" of the year in 1956 was the Hungarian freedom fighter.

'blood in the water' polo match between Hungary and USSR in Melbourne
Olympics 1956.

hirak said...

Hungarian revolution in 1956 and the most famous water polo match in the Olympics of the same year between Russia and Hungary.

From wiki:
Ervin Zádor emerged from the pool during the last two minutes in the game with blood pouring from under his eye after being punched by a Soviet player.

Divya said...

The hungarian revolution of 1956.

pic 1 shows time's 1956 man of the year cover showing the hungarian freedom fighter

pic 2 shows Ervin Zador coming out of the pool at the end of the "blood in the water" water-polo game in the 1956 melbourne olympics between the then USSR and Hungary

Anonymous said...

LEFT: Times man of the year: Hungarian Freedom fighter (For the Hungarian revolution of 1956). The flag is the then Hungarian flag with the Communist coat of arms cut out and was used by the fighters

RIGHT: Blood Bath at Melbourne - 1956 Waterpolo semis between Hungary & Russia @ Melbourne Olympics, involving hand to hand combat and verbal assault as part of the game. The photo shows Ervin Zador of Hungary with a bleeding eye gash after a 4-0 win.

Anonymous said...

Bloooood in the waaater
And fire in the sky

Anonymous said...

the Hungarian revolution of 1956 is the connection between the two pics.

The first one is the Time Man of The year given to "The Hungarian Freedom Fighter".

The second is visual from the famous "The Blood in the Water Match" water polo Olympics finals between USSR and Hungary. The match was played at the time of the Hungarian Revolution with lot of physical exchanges between the teams. The person bleeding there is Ervin Zador.

Anonymous said...

Hungarian revolutionary (pic 1) - Blood on the water Olympics water polo match between Hungary and USSR (pic 2) on the backdrop of Hungarian revolution - Rajesh K

Anonymous said...

1956 Olympics: "Blood in the Water" Polo match between Hungary and the Soviet Union. It was the year of the Hungarian revolution that was crushed by Soviet tanks a month before the Olympics! Yes, the summer Olympics were held "down under" during the "Northern" winter... any rhyme is purely incidental :-)

Anonymous said...

L: Hungarian Freedom Fighter (Time Person of the Year - 1956)
R: Ervin Zador after the Blood in the Water match in Melbourne Olympics
Connect: Events surrounding the Hungarian revolution and subsequent suppression by Soviet armed forces.

Anonymous said...

This is the times man of the year to the HUngarian patriot, and hte hungarian water polo (?, i think) olympian who got hit by a russian during an olympic match just after or during the revolution

Anonymous said...

the connect is the hungarian revolution of 1956. time magazine chose the hungarian revolutionary as its man of the year for 1956( one of the few times that it did not have one particular person on its cover). the second picture shows the player injured in the famous 'blood in the water' polo match during the melbourne olympics. the soviets and the hungarians exchanged blows.