Friday, July 1, 2011

Question - 681

Nothing special about the car but where (just after a rain) is this shot taken?

PS: I am traveling for the July 4 long weekend. I won't have any updates till after America is 235 years old.

PPS: This reminds me of a very bad cryptic clue I saw once - "235? (5)". Any guesses?

Answer: Utah's Bonneville salt flats - the terrain here is perfectly suited for attempting land speed records. Mekie, Jamie, Arpit, Siddarth Pai and Krithi got it. Well done. The answer to the cryptic clue is usage.


mekie said...

salt flats -- bolivia or salt lake city, utah?

Jamie said...

1970 Plymouth Cuda on the Bonneville Salt Flats after a rain storm

arpit said...

bonneville salt flats

Siddarth Pai said...

the slat flats in bolivia
flattest place on earth
used by nasa satellites to calibrate their position vis a vis earth

Krithivasan said...

1970 Plymouth Cuda on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah after a rain storm by Greg Evans.
Your cryptic clue: is it (235 ILCS 5/) Liquor Control Act of 1934? if it is I don't understand it

Raghu said...

235=US age? That's bad!

You did not mention the year you do the crossie. :-p