Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Question - 676

Two popular traditions associated with a sport. Which sport and what traditions? Update: Forgot to add that this question is courtesy my brother Rajesh.

Answer: NASCAR traditions - kissing the brick and chugging the milk in Indy 500. Arpit, giantamoeba, Jamie, anon and Krithi got it. Well done.


arpit said...

Kissing the Brick
One of the race day traditions(a yard of the original bricks that the raceway is named after as "The Brickyard")

giantamoeba said...

Indianapolis 500

traditions: kissing the bricks
winner drinking milk

Jamie said...

Indianapolis 500 winners kiss the bricks at the start finish line and drink a glass of milk in the winners circle.

Anonymous said...


Krithivasan said...

NASCAR's best tradition: Kissing the Brick & Drinking of Milk.