Monday, December 6, 2010

Question - 578

What does this map depict? (courtesy: Manix)

Answer: The Missouri Compromise (and its extensions) between pro-slavery and anti-slavery factions that prohibiting slavery in western territories north of the 36°30' parallel (green line) except in the boundaries of the proposed state of Missouri (left blank). Krithi, mekie, Iam, jamie got it. Well done.


Anonymous said...

United States secession map of 1865, plus Missouri Compromise Line. Legend:

mekie said...

Red & yellow - Confederate States of America. This act of secession brought abt the American Civil War.

Iam said...

US civil war state affiliations

Anonymous said...

Map of United States with Missouri Compromise line


Jamison said...

The Missouri Compromise only applied to lands of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. Therefore the green line depicted should only actually travel from the eastern boundary of Missouri to about the eastern boundary of New Mexico.